What Our Clients Are Saying About Us​​

I met David Thorne many years ago at a financial literacy class he presented to my company. Knowing that he was held in high regard by people I knew in the C-suite, I approached him about being my financial advisor. Trust and feeling safe are important factors when choosing a firm to manage your future; and David, John and Wealth Advocate Group have earned my utmost trust. They are extremely knowledgeable and in my opinion experts in the market investment space especially with the volatility we have experienced over the last 3 to 5 years. They have guided my family (they now have our three sons investing with them) with making sure we have a sound portfolio, and we have the correct life insurance, wills and trusts in place for the future. We have a son with special needs, and they made sure he is going to be taken care of and given priority if something were to happen to us. In every review we start by catching up on our families and our personal lives. They truly care. In working with them for a number of years now, not only are they my trusted advisors but more importantly I consider them to also be my trusted friends

Mike & Angi M.
Senior Executives

Jason, David, Barb, and Team have done a fantastic job helping me organize my finances present and future. They are very accessible and proactive in keeping me secure as well as regularly meeting to assess my accounts during these changing times. They have given me access to an attorney, accountant, and banking resources. I couldn’t be more appreciative.

Liz S.

The most important benefit I get from the Wealth Advocate Group is having complete trust with the choices they make to secure my financial future, but they don’t stop there. They also ensure that I am prepared for the unexpected. I appreciate how they keep me informed and their recommendations are in my best interest. I feel very grateful having them in my life.

Susan S.

Your true superpower is your understanding of and compassion for people and choosing to use said superpower in combination with your outstanding financial acumen.

Karen. R
Retired Medical Professional