A collaborative approach to navigating
our clients’ financial challenges

Our experienced team members work together to provide comprehensive advice, sophisticated planning strategies and a personalized experience to each and every client. Our services include:

Financial Planning

At Wealth Advocate Group, we believe in the importance of integrating all aspects of your personal financial life into a single, holistic plan that guides you toward pursuing your goals. Using innovative eMoney software, we build a comprehensive financial dashboard that streamlines all your finances into a single, integrated view.

EIGHT ways we advocate for you:

  • Financial Independence Planning – A custom financial plan that helps guide all aspects of your personal financial life.
  • Income Tax Planning Strategies – Strategies to help optimize your taxes.
  • Estate Planning Strategies –  Helping to ensure your estate planning documents are integrated with your overall financial plan to provide for your next generation of family members.
  • Equity Compensation Planning Strategies Helping you optimize after-tax cash flow from stock options and restricted stock.
  • Business Succession Planning – Consultation and support to help transition your business.
  • Risk Management – Insurance and planning solutions to protect your loved ones.
  • Investment And Asset Allocation Planning Custom investment strategies to help you pursue your long-term goals.
  • Employer Sponsored Benefits –  Helping you make wise benefits decisions that complement your overall financial plan.

Investment Management

Guided by your goals for the future, we develop a custom investment portfolio to help you pursue your vision of financial success.

  • When choosing an investment mix, we take into consideration your current financial situation, short- and long-term objectives, income needs in retirement, investment time horizon, estate planning goals, risk tolerance and more.
  • We employ a unique blend of traditional fundamental analysis in combination with powerful quantitative methods that are rooted in machine learning and statistics. This approach allows us to identify tailored, sustainable investment opportunities to address your needs and help pursue your financial goals.
  • We have the knowledge and experience to effectively implement a wide range of complex and innovative risk management strategies.
  • Our goal is to help ensure your investment strategy is consistent with your goals and desired level of risk.
  • We strive to strategically grow your portfolio while addressing the investment landscape.
  • For the majority of our clients, we provide investment advice under a fiduciary standard.


Our support doesn’t end once we’ve implemented your financial plan. Instead, we serve as a partner throughout your entire journey. Our ongoing guidance includes:

  • Meeting with you two to four times each year to update you on progress toward your goals, recommend any necessary changes to your financial plan and touch base on your ever-evolving goals and vision for the future.
  • Implementing recommendations and working with other advisors to help ensure all aspects of your personal financial life are working together toward your goals.
  • Working with younger family members to help pursue their long-term financial goals.
  • Continuously monitoring and updating your financial plan and investments to help ensure you remain well positioned to pursue your personal financial goals in an ever-changing economic, legislative and investment landscape.

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